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The GGG Chronicles: For All Constantine Maroulis Fans

Fan Sites
Constantine's My Space
A Constantine Maroulis My Space account,managed by someone else, but it's great for mp3 downloads, pics and other Constantine information.

Con Federation Website...
News and pictures. Remember if you see a picture in any of these links. Right click and save to your computer. or add as wall paper.

Seven Scarabs
A must visit site. Very informative. Lot's of information on Constantine... not found anywhere else. She has rent CD's she has a lot of great pictures. You will love this site

AOL Fan Group
News, pictures, forum... free to join

You have to sign up for free. But this forum is awesome. Many of our GGG's post over there. There is great information, a interview with Taylor. Great pics/avatars etc. Check it out.. Huge Forum... All for Constantine

Constantine Maroulis page on MSN hosted by ConstantinaT
Great site. Great links and pictures. Check it out and support this GGGer.

Constantine Maroulis Fan Site @ AOL
Free Membership.

Idol Forever
Great Site. Information

Idol Experience/Idol Forum...
Great pics and links.. takes you to idol forums... free registration.

The Constantine Maroulis Community Page
Message board with some good avatars. If you see one you like. Right click it/save to your computer like in your pictures. Go to your profile/click on edit profile/go to pictures/upload avatar/remember to click on submit... you have a new picture of Constantine...

Pray For The Soul Of Betty Group @ Yahoo
free membership fan site

Pray For The Soul Of Betty Forum
Free Membership. Great site for news re: Constantine and PFTSOB. Great place to find pics and hang out.

Constantine Maroulis and Pray for the Soul of Betty
blog/posting site and a great source for pictues

Constantine Fan Site
Good website with pictures and videos and information. *Remember if you see a picture you like. Right click and save to your computer.

Rock God...The Constantine Maroulis Fan Site
News re: Constantine. Downloads. Pictures. Message board

Iconics (icons and avatars) there for the taking
she is very nice and would love to share her work with others. Feel free to go grab some of her work... but, post and thank her.

Constantine Maroulis Of American Idol
Another free membership fan group at yahoo

Pray For The Soul Of Betty
The band's website. This is the band that Constantine is in. The name of the band came from a friend named Betty. She died tragically. At the funeral it is said that someone made the comment.. Pray for the soul of Betty... and the name came from that statement as a tribute. This site is where you can get more information on the band. Buy Merchandise. Enter the forum area to reach the BB, Betty Boards. The band members are very friendly. A Great place to be.

Constantine Maroulis Online
Yahoo. Free Membership Board

This is an awesome "sister site"... there you can do blogs. Get information and communicate with other Constantine fans only. When you need a break from AI and the hatred. Go here! This will be a great way to stay in touch especially when American Idol is over. Free membership. It is moderated by Lady Opal, screen name on Ai forums. You will love it.

Favorite Web Sites
Get your Own Free Web Site from zoomshare
Get a free home page like this one, including a photo album, blog and email from www.zoomshare.com. It's really easy to use and there are no pop-ups or banner ads on your website.

GGG Project Sites
GGG T-Shirt Designs and Vote
GGG T-Shirts!!! You've wanted them and GGG Leah Hoffman has come up with designs. Please review the designs and vote!

Name a star after Constantine
June has named a star after Constantine... Check it out. Way to go June... Great way to show your love for Constantine. It is under/in the Virgo constellation. What a tribute. Read more about June's inspiration in the GGG Stories Section!

Links For Information
Ryan's Radio Station... HEAR IT LIVE
If you want to listen to Ryans radio station go here. His co host loves Constantine. And rumor has it that Ryan is a closet GGG himself

Media Sites MP3 and Videos
Idol Media
Great website to download mp3's and videos...

Constantine's Place
Great website... get video's of American Idol and one that is an ad but also, has him singing in Rent... a japanese ad... excellent site

Maroulis Mania
I LOVE THIS SITE... Great photos and media... Remember if you see a photo/avatar that you like right click on it and save to your computer (your pictures)

Thousands of Pictures...
Gosh so many pictures of Constantine. Also note that if you see a picture you want to keep... right click and save to your computer.... (your pictures)

pictures and downloads of videos/mp3s.

Dam Sexy Montage Video..
You have got to see this... It is a must have for any Constantine fan...I'll look for more to add.

Rickey Org

Watch Idol
A good site for videos,information and pictures.

New Catagories
Greek God Groupies (Where Did We All Go) here
You have to register. You have to be accepted. This is where we are...

Constantine Maroulis My Space
Maintained by someone (Not Con!) but is a another good source of mp3s, pics and blog entries.

Tour Bus.Com Constantine Maroulis News
Has news re: Constantine and PFTSOB. Awesome site. All kinds of goodies...

Super Honey
has a Constantine movie... history and a former band of his.... I've got to check this out... NEW FOUND SITE

TV Tome.com
Has a bio. Old news and New news... Does have his Birthday as November 12, 1975

EZ Boards... you must register (free)
Great location for pictures and info on Constantine. If you see a picture you like richt click and save to your computer.

Constantines Night
great article re: Constantine's performance.

Juicee Enews Daily
Great news site. Stay up on world events and look at the latest news like spoilers on this on site.

Athan Maroulis: Constantines Big Brother...
The hot big brother in the audience. Dooney met him and Consbetty is friends with him.

MSNBC Article
Review and news of Constantine's performance and others....

Sir Links Alot
Great website very informative.... You'll find more here than you can anywhere.... Links to interviews, reviews, Constantine information etc... Wow almost overwhelming.

New Jersey Newspaper Article
An article on the background of Constantine.

Interview of Constantine from Rent
An older interview with Constantine... informative..

Review Sites
Music Teacher Critiques of all of the idols... she loves Constantine
Great reads and information.

Aol American Idol Page
Here you can get reviews. News, see interviews etc.

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